CHASE – ICSE 2020 | Virtual

My very first ICSE experience was virtual due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The conference was supposed to be help in May, 2020 in South Korea. But the global situation was not getting better at all. Therefore, the conference went online.

I had two short papers to be presented. One at CHASE workshop and the other at the main conference. I was super excited!

This blog post is on my first CHASE workshop experience.

Pre-print of the paper: Check me!

Poster: I am here!

Video Presentation:

This was available for public before the workshop

If ICSE happened physically, I was supposed to present a poster. But since the conference was virtual, a video presentation + poster + live talk were requested.


It was hard to get the video fit to 5 minutes. My supervisors gave their ideas on shortening it. After a couple of rounds I was finally able to get it.

Then next problem was how to get the poster to be clear and fit to computer screens. One of the postdocs (Hourieh) had done her poster in Latex and I followed her approach. My poster became a research paper (too much text)! Then again revised with my supervisors to make it look like a “poster”.

Deck of slides for the live presentation was not much of a problem. 3 slides were prepared.

After preparing all the material, I submitted them to Fabian and Igor (CHASE committee)

I practiced the presentation once with Rashina, twice with Zainab (my colleague at University of Auckland), twice with Dulaji (my colleague at Monash), and several times alone. I got everyone to ask me questions and got myself prepared. I was not nervous but wanted to be well prepared.

The day before the worshop, I tested my presentation with Yvonne and Fabian whether it’s working on Zoom or not. All were good.

Workshop Day:

I could not sleep! Presentations in Atlantic time were going on in our midnight. I did not have Zoom installed on my phone. I installed it and watched a couple of talks. I slept around 5 in the morning. T – 11 hours to the presentation!

I joined the Zoom meeting about 15 minutes before the workshop started for the day. Since I did not have a proper sleep, I started feeling sleepy. I drank water and quickly wrote my entire talk on sticky notes! (So funny! 😂)

I quickly got my entire talk written on sticky notes and pasted on the monitor behind because I could not risk the talk to my sleepy mood 😴

Our session “Social of SE”, started at 4.30 PM Melbourne time. Yvonne chaired the session. There were 3 talks in our session. Christoph’s, Lynn’s (2 Ph.D. students), and mine. I was second in the line to give the talk. Yvonne suggested to give the 3 talks first and then have a discussion among ourselves.

Christoph gave his talk. Then it was me. I feel confident when someone I know is in the audience. Sadly, Rashina was on annual leave. Luckily, John joined. John cheered me up before the talk. And, I gave the talk. It went smoothly. What so funny was, I did not even look at the sticky notes. 😂

Mary Sánchez-Gordón and Thiago Silva asked me interesting questions. Mary asked about the theoretical saturation and Thiago was more interested on the results. Especially, the techniques/ strategies used to detail out the requirements changes and acceptance criteria for requirements changes. Mary told that she has read our “Towards understanding emotional response to requirements changes in agile team” paper. I was so happy to hear that!

After Lynn gave her talk, there was a discussion. We found that the model Christoph presented on tasks (paper: More than Code: Contributions in Scrum Software Engineering Team) can be used to map the technical responses given in my paper. We had different definitions on “technical” though. But still it’s possible to apply it. Lynn had a different paper and mine was not able to complement hers.

After the session, Yvonne posted the questions again on Slack. Then we had a separate discussion on Lynn’s question: application of agile in research environments. It seems to be not possible but Toni Mattis (another Ph.D. student) suggested that Lean goes well with it; which is true as we also use that in our lab.

Few more sessions were there. Igor played Bossa Nova music during the breaks between sessions (I listen to that track now while I cook).

It was a wonderful experience! And participants were so good. I hope that we all will be able to meet at the next ICSE!

Top: Participants | Bottom: My poster in the virtual hub

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