Emotions Shown to Requirements Changes by Software Developers Across the World

Background: One of our preliminary studies resulted in that software developers respond emotionally to requirements changes.

Objective: We wanted to study this in-depth to better understand what emotions they exactly feel and the exact situations at which they feel them.

Approach: We conducted a world-wide survey with the participation of 201 software developers. We used Job-related Affective Well-being Scale to capture their emotions (20 emotions) through the survey.

Findings: Among many other results which are yet to be published, our analysis triggered that the emotions of the software developers vary across the geographic location of the software developers.

This interactive visualisation shows how the emotions of our participants varied.

How to read the visualisation: The score/color indicates the intensity of the emotion (more the score/darker the color, more the emotion intensity)

Threat to external validity: Please note that the distribution of developers was not equal across the countries. But, this gives an overall sense of how their emotions vary according to the country of residence.

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