Publication Preview


  1. A Taxonomy of Requirements Changes in Agile Contexts (Revision in Progress: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering)
  2. Emotimontior: A Trello Power-Up to Capture Emotions of Agile Teams (Under Review: Journal of Systems and Software) – [preprint]


  1. Towards Understanding Emotional Response to Requirements Changes in Agile Teams – ICSE’20 (Track: New Ideas and Emerging Results) – [preprint]
  2. Towards Understanding Technical Responses to Requirements Changes in Agile Teams – ICSE’20 (Workshop: Cooperative and Human Aspects of Software Engineering) – [preprint]
  3. Towards Better Understanding of Agile Teams through Behavior Change Models – ASE’20 (Workshop: Human Centric Software Engineering and Cyber Security) – [preprint]
  4. The Effects of Human Aspects on the Requirements Engineering Process: A systematic Literature Review – IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering – [preprint]


  1. Successful Adoption of Agile Project Management in Software Development Industry – [pdf]
Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand, 2019.